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Two years ago we began researching and deciding how we wanted to build our first home.  My husband is in the construction business and was leaning towards a modular home for numerous reasons.  We went to severallocal modular companies from Bedford to Danville.  We drove by American Showcase one Sunday to see the Open House on the sign.  We decided to take a peak.  The first thing we noticed was honestly in pricing.  Walking into a home and knowing the price of that home, made a huge difference.  Many of the other places we went there was a base price and everything else was extra, so we never knew the price of the home we were in.  We were impressed and knew that day if we decided modular, American Showcase was our company.
We visited a few more times and Gary was always able to answer our questions.  We priced several homes, even changed where we would put our home a few times.  Through this entire process Gary was very patient and helpful.  Financing was the hardest part and even Gary was helpful and led us through encouraging us and helping us to recognize when a push may have been needed.  We had a difficult case as the land we owned was land locked and it was shared on a family subdivision.  This entire process was exhausting but Gary stuck with us through it all.  Once that was all sorted out we were able to order our home.  Again, questions that we had were answered and heplful suggestions were made while picking out what we liked for our home.  And adjustment was even made to the floor plan to accommodate out request for a different style refrigerator that was more convenient for our family.  
We were soon introduced to the contractor, Donna.  Donna was also very helpful.  She drove our job and assured us that everything was going smoothly.  We were able to watch them set our house.  Every evening we would stop by and see progress.  We made a mistake when we called the electric company so it took a little longer getting our electric hook up and even with this mistake, everyone was patient, even though I know it had to be frustrating.
We had constant communication with Gary, no matter what questions we had he was always able to get us answers quickly.  All the crews that were contracted to do work on out site were amazing, especially the set up crew.  We were impressed the most with how well they worked together.  This home will be our Forever Home, we will never move again, and I look forward to spending the rest of our lives in this home.  Our walk through was amazing, we found a few things that needed to be fixed and to be honest most of them were noticed by Gary and Donna.
It was good to have someone else picking the house over, especially when we were just in awe that it was here and we were inside it.  We know many people that have bought modular homes, one started before ours and ours was finished first.  Compairing experiences with them I am so happy that we chose American Showcase, I believe firmly that we would not be near as happy had we gone with any other company.
Thank you Gary, Donna, and everyone at American Showcase that made our experience the best it could have been.
The McGann's
Justin and Katey
Gretna, VA. 


American Showcase Modulars in Danville, Virginia offers high quality modular homes to all areas of Virginia. We have over 90 years of combined staff experience with a team of professionals who will work for you on every step of the building process. American Showcase Modulars is a financially strong company, built with sound values.

Our commitment to our customers is to build the highest quality home at a more affordable price than our competitors. We are committed to 100% customer satisfaction after the sale. Customer service is our TOP priority. Although we are committed to giving the absolute best price and value, we refuse to compromise on service and quality.

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