Green Building

Green is the buzzword these days, but as a consumer do you feel confident or confused when talking about Green building programs?

If you feel confused you're not alone!

There are over 50 different local and state Green building organizations with various definitions and standards that create tremendous confusion in the marketplace. Green is made more confusing by companies that rely on "window dressing" marketing that creates the illusion of substance rather than delivering true benefits.

It's no wonder home buyers are confused.

It's a fact.

  •  Green homes have lower utility costs, healthier air quality and higher resale value than site-built homes
  • State, Federal and Regional tax credits are available to encourage the consumer to buy Green certified homes
  •  Many utility companies offer discounts or rebates for building Green

Not only are Green homeowners using less energy, they are often paying less per unit of energy used! These Green credits vary by region and change frequently


Green Building is a Whole-System approach to building that takes into consideration 7 factors. Most certification systems require the builder to take steps to meet minimum requirements in all 7. They are:

Lot design, Preparation and Development

Soil disturbance, protecting and enhancing the natural vegetation and landscaping.

Resource Efficiency
Reducing waste, recycling, enhancing durability and reducing maintenance.

Energy Efficiency

These requirements are adhering with Energy Star and result in lower utility costs. Designed for both comfort and efficiency.

Water Efficiency

Water conservation: low volume showerheads, dual flush toilets etc. all designed to reduce the use of water while maintaining a modern lifestyle.

Indoor Environmental Quality

Improving interior air quality includes reducing and eliminating pollutants and maintaining moisture control. We select and use materials with your health in mind.

Operation Maintenance and Homeowner Education

Educating the homeowner on how to properly maintain and operate the home for best performance. We help homeowners put Green living into practice.

Global Impact

Using products that are not harmful to the environment while partnering with other companies/suppliers that also work to protect the environment.

When you consider a home, ask what your builder does to make an impact on all seven categories.


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