"American Showcase Modular will go above and beyond for all of their buyers. They want to see that everything is done right, in a timely manner and done professionally. We are so pleased and thrilled to be living in our Modular home today. This is not a home we will grow out of; yet one that we will grow into. We could not have dreamed of owning such a beautiful home just starting off as newlywed couple."

- Brent and Natalie Long

"American Showcase Modulars not only has beautiful homes but they know how to treat their customers with the utmost dignity and respect. Everyone who comes to see our home tells us how we do have a showcase home. We are proud to say we bought an American Showcase Modulars home and we feel like part of the American Showcase Modulars family."

- Darrell and Darnell Graves and Family

"When we saw our home for the first time on site, I was brought to tears as everything was just as promised. It is more than a modular; it is a beautiful home that was placed with care."

- Clarence and Eva Martin

"We truly recommend American Showcase Modulars to anyone that wants to buy a new home."

- Reverend James and Angela Chalmers

"…we value all of your hard work in making our life better and our dream home a reality. We love it! We are so grateful to American Showcase Modulars."

-Elliott and Gloria Lanier

American Showcase Modulars stands above and beyond other modular home construction companies in Virginia in that they worked diligently to ensure our family was completely satisfied with the building of our new home. Having a General Contractor on site made a world of difference…..

- Todd and Melissa Cassell

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