American Showcase Modulars was my last stop on a long journey in search of a cost sufficient home, with a friendly and understanding staff with never ending patience. I was satisfied above and beyond my expectations. I would highly recommend you make American Showcase Modulars your first stop to your path of your dream home.


Mrs. Bonnie Jane Crowder

During the entire process, from ground preparation to the final inspection of the house, I found that you were very knowledgeable and always willing to go the extra mile to see that things were done according to the contract and to see that I was pleased with what was going on.  You were always willing to listen to the changes I wanted made and they were taken care of to my satisfaction.  There are not enough words to thank you for making the entire process smooth to the conclusion.  Again, thank you so very much for all your help.


Mr. Larry Inman

American Showcase Modulars made our dream home come to life after trying for almost two years to find a home.  We truly have the home of our dreams and are very excited to have moved in!  It was such an awesome feeling to leave for work one morning and come home to a full two story home put together in one day!  Our new home has more than we expected and we couldn't be happier.  During our long search, we were looking for a quality built home and we definitely found it.  We had a wonderful experience with this process of buying our HBS modular home and would recommend anyone looking for a new home to go by American Showcase Modulars.  Gary Good and Donna Pruitt....Thank you so much for making this happen for our family!  We love our home and the two of you did a fantastic job getting us exactly what we wanted.


Jeff & Sherry Scolpini

I am now in my dream home that was purchased from a wonderful company called American Showcase.  Every salesperson worked with us at some point and every salesperson treated us like family.  I cannot say enough about the treatment that we were given through this entire experience.  Donna, Dennis, and Gary were all amazing to work with and helped us through this life changing ordeal.  I still stick my head in the door just to say "Hi" and check on everyone from time to time.  I believe that God leads us to certain people in our lives for a reason, and I am so grateful that my friend convinced me to go that day.  Our lives were truly changed and touched, and American Showcase gave us a place that we can call "Home".


Kristi A. Waller Boles

It was a pleasure working with everyone at American Showcase Modulars.  Donna was able to answer every question I had.  Thanks for doing such a great job on my home!


The Marshalls

 My family and I are living comfortably in our new house and would like to thank you for your time and energy that was put into our home.  I appreciated how you took the initiative to provide plans and pricing on the style home we wanted and kept the pricing under my budget.  Holmes Building Systems had a well equipped punch out crew and they took care of the final list in a timely manner.  We are very satisfied with the building process and how easy it was from start to finish.  I would be happy to recommend your company to any future homeowner.



Michael Pizza

 RJ & I are so thankful for what all of you have done for us.  Everyone was always extremely nice and always had a smile on their faces when we would walk through the doors.  It has been a long process but so worth it!!  Both of us are so excited to finally start our new life together in our new home that you all have worked so hard to build for us!  We will definitely be sending you all customers in the future.  From the bottom of our hearts...Thank you again!!


RJ & Brooke Pleasant

 This is William and Debbie McIvor, first time home buyers.  We are so pleased with our new home.  Everything was done with great perfection.  Every detail was handled with speciality and care.  Looking for a great home with comfort and care, come on out to American Showcase Modulars, located on US 29 in Blairs, VA, and pick from the different models to select the home of your choice.  The staff is warm, friendly, and caring.  They will treat you like family and will attend to your every need.  American Showcase Modulars! The home of comfort.


William and Debbie McIvor

 Everyone can remember having the thought of raising a family in their own house.  Thanks to American Showcase Modular, our dream has become a reality.  American Showcase Modular's staff was there to help us the whole way through.  Thanks to them we now own the house we always dreamed of.  We started off as a young newlywed couple that had no clue where to start.  Fortunately for us, Dennis and company was there to lend a hand.  They helped us from start to finish.  Whether we had a question about how to get the house we wanted for our budget or who we needed to contact about getting our utilities installed, they were there.  It's hard to imagine where we would have ended up without them, but thankfully we were dealing with true kind-hearted professionals.  Now my wife, child and I have a beautiful new house that we can call our own.  We will never forget the experiences we shared obtaining it, and can only cherish the ones we will share in it from now on.  On behalf of my family, I would like to thank all of those involved at American Showcase Modular for helping my family make their dreams come true!


With Our Deepest Appreciation!

Justin, Brandy, and Erin Payne



To Whom it May Concern,

There are countless options that a prospective homeowner faces to pursue when looking for a new home.  When I began house shoppingwith my fiance', we were overwhelmed with options; styles, colors, finishing, etc.  We would debate each decision and weigh pros and cons on top of that.  On a Sunday afternoon, we happened to drop by the American Showcase Modulars home sales lot, and our outlook on the home buying process was changed once we met Gary Good.

With Gary's guidance, we were able to sort through all of the options, and pick out our dream home, down to the last detail.  The amount of patience he had with us as we took out time deciding between options was tremendous.  As a first time home buyer, Gary also took the time to not only explain all of the steps involved in a home purchase, but to elaborate on what each and every step would entail, an estimate of completion time and cost, and how it would impact the process of the closing and build time.  He was able to forecast all of the permits, licenses and contractors needed well in due time.

Working alongside of Gary, his construction crew, headed by Donna Pruitt, for our home build did a fantastic job of quickly and cleanly doing a great job on all of the aspects of our home.  They would listen to our input and take into consideration the attention of detail we expected, which was always delivered upon.  I felt completely confident in their abilities to handle any of the jobs at hand, and would hire them back again for any work in the future.

The home was delivered,  set up, and finished in a very timely manner, even with numerous weather delays.  The fit and finish of the home is top notch, looks great, and fits the bill we wanted perfectly.  Gary was present to assist me during the closing process and was very helpful with all aspects of the paper work portion of the home purchase.  He handled all tasks in an extremely timely manner, and would let me know well ahead of time what would be needed of me,  if anything.  Gary would always respond to my questions and request in an extremely timely manner, and was very sincere, honest, direct, and truthful with me.  I feel that Gary went above and beyond my expectation, and I'm thankful to have had him during the build and purchase process, as well as in the future.  I would not hesitate at all to recommend American Showcase Modulars to anyone.


 Brent L. Burnette


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