American Showcase Homes!!

Gary & Karen,

First of all let me say "Thank You Very Much" for your help and support with our first home. KUDOS!! to you guys.

We have been looking for a new home for about 3 years.  Seems like no one could accommodate what we were looking for.  That is until I got that email from Karen telling us to come up and take a look at what you had.  The first home we looked at right off the bat we knew it was the one for us.  We were willing to take that one right off the lot.  We needed a home with 5 bedrooms which included two master bedrooms and you made that happen for us without saying NO!!.

There was no guess work for you guys.  You gave us a rundown of what we were getting and the cost of everything right to the penny.  No hidden cost.  You guys were honest and kept the ball rolling from start to finish.  You got the work done.  That goes for Donna as well.  She went to the job site and made sure things happened there as well.  She got it done and did an amazing job.  The setup and coordination went off without a hitch.  We didn't have to do anything.  Having never built or owned a modular home before this was an interesting experience.  Gary in particular is a man of his word.  When it came to issues that arose with the property, Gary took care of it to the point of pulling money from his own pocket.  (Thanks for that!!!!!)

Thank you all for making our dream home a reality.  Five Stars to American Showcase.  Keep doing what you are doing no need to change anything.  You are changing lives and making many families happy!!


Stanley and Shelly Davis


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