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Personal thanks, to everyone for making this happen for me and my family.


I like to start out by again thanking my little brother Joe  for being my eyes and putting same level of focus and intent for how I wanted to construct the changes and upgrades to the original home request working closely with Donna throughout the process.


I thank everyone for their flexibility and patience's overall.  We had to go a different route from what was planned and it worked out.


Paula, thanks for your recommends and guidance to Joe and myself over the phone and in person on working through all the different actions to keep my initial plan of building the additional options after the appraisal.  I enjoyed working with you on this project.


Donna, special thanks for all your recommendations and input to Joe for making the change request that I was asking for on adding changes to the basement, garage, and AC unit upgrade.  Your overall recommendations to me and Joe were key in me making my final decisions.  I hope that we can work with you again on projects in the future.  Joe speaks so highly of you throughout this process and if there is anything you need please let me know.


Thanks Everyone!!!


Susie Akers



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