We want to thank everybody at American Showcase for their team work and dedication to getting our home put in.  First of all this has been the wettest year that we have had in years.  Plus our property wasn't the most accessible to begin with, for a long drive way and all the hills.  We knew that it was going to be a challenge, and when all the other companies were scared of the place, American Showcase had no worries about getting everything done.


We want to thank Charles Jones for showing us the most beautiful home we have ever seen.  He was great to talk to and sold us on the home the first time we looked at it.  We looked at many homes at other lots; nobody else was as helpful in explaining the homes, and showing us how the process was going to work.


Thank you Donna and Gary for the leadership on building our home.  We know that it was hard, and we appreciate all of your honesty.  That is what we didn't like about all other places, they all tried to talk around us.


Once again thank you for all your hard work, and all the communication.  I think that we talked to yall every week during the process.



Mikey & Lourie Morelli




We are so pleased with our experience with American Showcase.  We are in our house and we love it.  Gary never stopped making the things we wanted happen and continues to take care of us today.  We can't go without mentioning Donna.  She made it happen on the job site and did an awesome job.  We were able to watch the delivery and setup the coordination between all parties were like music, flowing without interruption, everyone was absolutely professional and appreciative of our purchase.


We would recommend American Showcase Modulars to anyone.  If you want a pleasurable experience and you want a team that will take care of you to the end, you need to go with American Showcase Modulars.  They are fantastic and treat you like family.


Dave Harris & Pam Eller 




My husband and I had been looking for a new home for over a year.  We had been let down quite a few times like many others who are looking for a new home.  We were on the brink of giving up when we decided to attend American Showcase's Sunday afternoon Open House.


We had been to another modular company who had let usdown before so we were a little bit nervous.  However, the moment we stepped out and met Kristi and Gary we were blown away!  They were honest and professional.  They didn't leave us any guess work.  They filled us in on every detail and penny that we were spending, immediately.  Knowing that we could trust them with our first home was something that was very important to us.


After choosing our home plan we started the process.  Wethought it would take months but it only took 2!  Only 15 days to set up on site!  We couldn't believe how fast it went by!  The entire crew talked us through every single step and made us feel comfortable and at ease with the waiting time we had.


We have been in our home now for a month and wecouldn't be any happier.  We are still in contact with Gary.  He keeps in touch with us frequently to make sure everything is well with our beautiful new home.  


If we had to redo the process over again I certainly would!  Hands down, American Showcase Modular's is the best!


Levi and Crystal Barrett



I would like to thank all the people at American Showcase Modulars in Blairs, VA.  Each and ever time I have called with a problem they have taken care of it.  I have never had to wait or keep calling back.  The best customer service ever.


If you are lookiing for a well-made home and excellent service I would recommend American Showcase Modulars.  


Linda Long



American Showcase Modulars was my last stop on a long journey in search of a cost sufficient home, with a friendly and understanding staff with never ending patience. I was satisfied above and beyond my expectations. I would highly recommend you make American Showcase Modulars your first stop to your path of your dream home.


Mrs. Bonnie Jane Crowder

During the entire process, from ground preparation to the final inspection of the house, I found that you were very knowledgeable and always willing to go the extra mile to see that things were done according to the contract and to see that I was pleased with what was going on.  You were always willing to listen to the changes I wanted made and they were taken care of to my satisfaction.  There are not enough words to thank you for making the entire process smooth to the conclusion.  Again, thank you so very much for all your help.


Mr. Larry Inman

American Showcase Modulars made our dream home come to life after trying for almost two years to find a home.  We truly have the home of our dreams and are very excited to have moved in!  It was such an awesome feeling to leave for work one morning and come home to a full two story home put together in one day!  Our new home has more than we expected and we couldn't be happier.  During our long search, we were looking for a quality built home and we definitely found it.  We had a wonderful experience with this process of buying our HBS modular home and would recommend anyone looking for a new home to go by American Showcase Modulars.  Gary Good and Donna Pruitt....Thank you so much for making this happen for our family!  We love our home and the two of you did a fantastic job getting us exactly what we wanted.


Jeff & Sherry Scolpini

I am now in my dream home that was purchased from a wonderful company called American Showcase.  Every salesperson worked with us at some point and every salesperson treated us like family.  I cannot say enough about the treatment that we were given through this entire experience.  Donna, Dennis, and Gary were all amazing to work with and helped us through this life changing ordeal.  I still stick my head in the door just to say "Hi" and check on everyone from time to time.  I believe that God leads us to certain people in our lives for a reason, and I am so grateful that my friend convinced me to go that day.  Our lives were truly changed and touched, and American Showcase gave us a place that we can call "Home".


Kristi A. Waller Boles

It was a pleasure working with everyone at American Showcase Modulars.  Donna was able to answer every question I had.  Thanks for doing such a great job on my home!


The Marshalls

 My family and I are living comfortably in our new house and would like to thank you for your time and energy that was put into our home.  I appreciated how you took the initiative to provide plans and pricing on the style home we wanted and kept the pricing under my budget.  Holmes Building Systems had a well equipped punch out crew and they took care of the final list in a timely manner.  We are very satisfied with the building process and how easy it was from start to finish.  I would be happy to recommend your company to any future homeowner.



Michael Pizza

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