We would like to take this time to give much deserved appreciation and thanks to Mr. Charles Jones - Sales Manager, at American Showcase Modulars.  From day 1, Mr. Jones was nothing less than professional.  He was with us every step of the way of the home ownership process. He worked earnestly with the VA and the financiers to get us financed for our home.  He took us step by step in choosing our home design, colors, appliances, etc.  Charles was always available to answer any questions we may have had, and he did it all with a smile.  We feel that he is simply a great asset to this company.  Businesses need more salesman like Mr. Charles Jones to help them strive.  Thank you for all you did to get us in our new home.


Mr. Charles Jones, We want to commend you for over seeing the building of our beautiful home.  We appreciate your attention to detail, and relentless determination to release such a quality product on time.  We can't thank you enough.

Thanks to Donna Pruitt, James and his wife for his outstanding work.  We love our porch, well everything about our house.  The best 3 months since we moved in.

Love, Love, love everything about it.  P.S. Thanks to Gary too.  Please stop by when you are in the area.

Gene & Teresa Phillips


Hi Gary,

Hope all is well with you & the rest of the gang at American Showcase Modulars.  We are old & slow and really loved working with you.  You made the process of building our new home a wonderful experience.  You did everything possible to please us in this endeavor of building our new home.

I would also like to mention Jimmy Holmes of Holmes Building who you kept on the ball on his part.  We have & will continue to refer people to you at American Showcase Modulars.


May God Bless you all,

Richard & Linda Trent




To everyone at American Showcase Modulars,


Thank you so much for your friendly and professional help on our home purchase.  The experience exceeded our expectations so much so that we are about 6 months ahead of schedule.  Gary, thank you again for going to bat for us on the bar situation.  We are pleased with the results.

Bob, my daughter and myself are very grateful.  With warmest thanks for your thoughtfulness,

Barbara & Bobby Palmer




We want to thank Charles Jones for helping us build our dream home.  We enjoyed the whole experience, they made the process less stressful and more exciting.  We love our new home and appreciate all the great things Charles and American Showcase have done for us.


Sincerely, Colton and Britney Tucker


We take this opportunity to thank Gary Good and his staff for the professional way in which they do business.  Having never built or owned a modular home before this was an interesting experience.  Gary in particular is a man of his word.  When it came to representing us with issues that arose with the manufacturer, Gary stood behind us even to the point of forfeiting money from his own pocket.


We can recommend without reservation an American Showcase Modular Home to anyone contemplating a new home.



Peter and Nancy Abendroth



Dear American Showcase homes!


Don and I want to thank you all for building us our perfect dream house.  When we started looking, we decided that our next house had to be perfect because, being in our 60's, we were never going to move again.  This was to be our retirement home.


We became frustrated in the search and kept coming back to American Showcase.  Finally, after many months of deliberating, we decided to purchase a modular home from American Showcase.


Donna Pruitt was the driving force who was responsible for making this happen.  She did so with amazing ease, confidence and a truckload of knowledge!  This lady is very, very good at her job, and her contractors, including J & K construction, were efficient and timely.  Donna continues to amaze us at how she gets everything done!  The house is now ours and it is beautiful.  Any little problems have been dealt with and our satisfaction is guaranteed.


Everyone we met at American Showcase, from the wonderful lady at the front desk to Gary, who has the final say in everything, has been honest, caring and extremely easy to work with.


Thank you all for helping us make our dream house a reality!


Colette & Donald Polsky


PS: The pool party will be delayed for a few months, due to construction delays on the pool, but we invite you all as soon as we get settled and swimming.



Personal thanks, to everyone for making this happen for me and my family.


I like to start out by again thanking my little brother Joe  for being my eyes and putting same level of focus and intent for how I wanted to construct the changes and upgrades to the original home request working closely with Donna throughout the process.


I thank everyone for their flexibility and patience's overall.  We had to go a different route from what was planned and it worked out.


Paula, thanks for your recommends and guidance to Joe and myself over the phone and in person on working through all the different actions to keep my initial plan of building the additional options after the appraisal.  I enjoyed working with you on this project.


Donna, special thanks for all your recommendations and input to Joe for making the change request that I was asking for on adding changes to the basement, garage, and AC unit upgrade.  Your overall recommendations to me and Joe were key in me making my final decisions.  I hope that we can work with you again on projects in the future.  Joe speaks so highly of you throughout this process and if there is anything you need please let me know.


Thanks Everyone!!!


Susie Akers






About 2 1/2 years ago I stopped by your lot and looked at your homes, The Aberdeen caught my eye.  I went to other places and looked around but my mind and heart was set on the Aberdeen.  Three weeks ago we moved into our house.  There are a few minor things to get fixed but in all everything is great.  The house is beautiful.


Gary and his office, sales and construction crew are the best.  Gary, it is great to know that you stand behind your homes after the close.  You proved that fact this week when we had strong winds that took shingles off the house.  I called you on Thursday evening, Friday morning you had Rodney on the phone with me and by the afternoon Rodney had been out and replaced the shingles himself when he couldn't get the roofing crew out that day.  Rodney and Donna, thank you for a job well done.


Charles, thank you so much for all your help.  Each time we decided to make a change in the house plans ( and there were quite a few ) you took care of them immediately.  You stayed in contact with us thru out the entire process, most of time it was for business but sometimes it was for just chit chat.  You are a true professional and a new friend to us.  Also, we would like to say thank you for the associates at the factory for their work on our home.


With our deepest appreciation,

Brent & Joyce Crews




Thanks American Modular Homes,


We, the King family, would like to thank Charles at American Modular Homes (AMH) for assisting us with our new home.  The Sanford which is a 1500 square ft modular is just what we have dreamed about for years.  We also would like to thank Donna and the staff that helped make it possible for our property to come from a dream to reality.  Charles stood by my husband and I through the whole process, he made sure we received everything we wanted in our new home.  He was patient with us as we made decisions on what we wanted in our new home.   Charles often reminded us that this was our "custom built home"  which helped ease our mind about the quality of the home.  However, this is the second home my family has purchased with Charles and Donna, my mother bought a 2400 square ft home from them and she loved it!  I told her about the modular homes and she had always told me that " she didn't want a trailer " but I told her to at least see that the home was not a "trailer."  She decided to come and Charles and Donna showed her the house and she fell in love with one in particular that she absolutely had to have.  We all loved the home and I told Charles that my husband and I were next!  Our home is a family home and our children and grandchildren all love it.


I believe in researching for the best prices and quality.  I know for a fact that AMH have the best deals because I researched modular home dealers and prices all over our region.  Also in other states such as Martinsville, North Carolina, Danville all the way up to New York.  American Modular Homes beat out the competition!  The prices of American Modular homes are FANTASTIC!  I like the fact that the prices are right online on their website which gave me the opportunity to know if we could afford the homes or not and what the house looked like on the floor plan.  It is a great source to use so the customers will know about how much they will invest in the home of their dream.  American Modular Homes beat out local competition, they do NOT charge extra for screen windows and bathroom seats!  Their packages are put together with COMPLETED HOMES!  Everyone that is looking for a brand new home should buy with American Modular's.


Charles you have always been a good person to work with and maintained a good personality through long transactions.  We the White and King family appreciate you and the "custom built homes!"  Again, thanks Charles, Donna and American Modular Homes for assisting us to achieve our goal and dream of having a new " custom built home".


Jackie & Felisa King

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