I would just like to say American Showcase Modulars is a great place to purchase a home, the staff is wonderful also.  My salesman Charles Jones was the best, I can't say nothing but great things about him.  So if you are looking for a new home try them first they will take care of you.

Rodney Motley



To whom it may concern:

When my husband and I started out in 2014 looking to purchase a home we were in the market for a two-story home.  After looking at many different floor plans and houses we never could find the one that appeared to "speak home" to us.  On a rainey Saturday I found American Showcase Modulars out of Blairs, Virginia.  We knew that it was going to be a drive, but we thought we would see the two story home they had on the lot.  After looking at the home we decided, we didn't like that one either but thought we would look at the other homes they had to offer.  We walked through the doors of a different two story home and instantly we knew we had found our dream home.

From day one, Gary Good stood by our side.  He encouraged us to shop around at even other home places and compare prices.  We took the floor plan and did just that.  NO ONE could even come near the price he had offered.  We struggled even to find financing and pointed us back in the right direction.  If there were ever any questions, he was there to answer them immediately.  During the construction process, I was away from home right much.  We wanted to see them set the house, but due to job demands, we were not able to be there.  I received text pictures of our dream home being set up by the crane from Tommy and he kept us abreast of EVERYTHING through the entire process. 

I would highly recommend anyone to tour the homes American Showcase Modulars has to offer and purchase from there.  Gary and his staff are exceptional people to work with on purchasing your dream home.  Copy of entire letter sent to Jim Holmes, President Holmes Building Systems.


Dustyne Carnes Lett


Tammy, I'm writing to tell you that it is with great displeasure that I won't be proceeding with the building of the home.  I have invested a lot of time to figure out what I wanted in a home.  In addition, I have been looking at other homes here at the lake in order to make sure that the outside design was the same as what I was planning to purchase from you.  There are many that look the same, however, when I bring them to the attention of those in charge, I'm told that I can't build a place of that style and that the homes that I'm looking at have been grand fathered in.  To me, they don't appear to be older homes.  My daughter and her husband and I purchased property in what is referred to as "multi-use" property.  We did this so that we didn't have to keep up with the Jones' and their $600,000 plus homes.  We're now finding that the same rules that apply in their area are applying to us.

I felt that you and I had finally gotten the house designed the way I wanted it, along with a price that I was satisfied with.  I had already contacted my children in Ohio about going to get my furniture that is in storage and they were planning to return with me in order to help get the house ready for me to move into.  I now plan, at a later date, to put my property on the market to sell and go elsewhere to live.

All of that being said, I would like for your company to keep the refunable $500.00 that I gave to you to get the process started.  I am putting it in writing so that there is no recourse from anybody at a later date.  Also, as I told you before, if for some reason the house didn't work out, I would buy dinner for you.  To show my appreciation for everything that you have done for me, I have enclosed a check for you so that you can take your family to dinner....my treat.  You and American Showcase Modulars have my greatest respect.  I wouldn't have any problems recommending you to anyone, which I will, should I hear of anybody in the market for a modular home.

Take care,

Donald Blankenship


Karen, We want to thank you for the part you played in the acquisition of our beautiful new home.  From the moment we drove onto your model home lot until our punchlist was complete you were incredibly helpful and we appreciate it deeply.  More importantly, your knowledge of the product and the process reassured us on several occasions and the end result is fabulous.  Thank you for all of your help and for treating us like you had known us for a lifetime.  American Showcase delivers a fantastic product in no small part to people like you.  You are the best.  Take care and best wishes in the upcoming New Year.

Brent & Terry Vickery

Partlow, VA.


Working with Gary was an experience.  Everything I needed, he was there to help.  He was real easy to work with.  A friendly and caring person he even helped me with matching colors for my house.  The house that they built for me was better than I thought it would be.  I'm glad that I went to American Showcase Modulars.  Great job guys!

Steven H.


A VERY HAPPY VETERAN and Family!!!!!

I cannot thank American Showcase Modulars enough for making our dreams come true.  Me and my wife went looking with a pre-approved VA LOAN at the areas home dealers.  Some acted as they were more important than the customer, some tried to add extra fee's, and some were not true modular homes we were looking for.  The other true modular dealer said we needed a construction loan and we would have to pay extra for brick around the foundation adding thousands of dollars to there price.

Then we looked at homes at American Showcase Modulars homes,  We met Charles Jones who has a great personality and with his help and knowledge led us to the home we would purchase very happily.  We were able to pick the exterior and interior features and colors.  He introduced us to Gary Good who went out of his way helping us with our purchase, too.  We didn't need a construction loan and Gary worked his magic to let us get hardwood floors also.

While our home was being built we met Donna who handled the site construction awesomely. She has a lot of experience and helped guide us continuously.

I would greatly recommend anyone to have the awesome home buying experience we have experienced.

Thank you everyone at American Showcase Modulars homes,

Duane and Annette Cook


It is with sincere appreciation that we write to thank Tammy and the many others at American Showcase Modulars in Blairs, VA for working with us to design out forever home.  It was important for us to work with a company that offered a quality product we were interested in, the knowledge and support to assist us in constructing our customized home, and the wherewithal to make our dreams a reality.

From the moment we first met Tammy it was clear that we would have a good working relationship with her.  She was positive and knowledgeable of the products and options offered.  Her patience with us during our many questions was greatly appreciated.  Tammy was truly a fantastic liaison as she maintained a clear and open line of communication between us and the manufacturer to ensure our needs were met and the manufacturer understood the requirements.  Our confidence in her abilities remained high as she demonstrated agility in response to our change request and creativity in helping us finalize the details.

Gary, we thank you for being an excellent mentor to Tammy.  Your diligence and detail oriented nature was an integral part of this process as well.  Donna, we couldn't end our testimony without acknowledging your expertise and guidance during the site visit as well.  Thank you!

In closing, the only thing left to say is that we recommend, without reservation, an American Showcase Modular Home to anyone contemplating a new home.


Chris & Amanda Browning


My home buying experience was surprisingly DELIGHTFUL because of Tammy.  She was very friendly and eager to answer all of my questions promptly and professionally.  If you would like a hassle free, stress free home buying experience, seek out TAMMY at AMERICAN SHOWCASE MODULARS.....THE SANFORDS


Charles Jones, Sarah and I would like to thank you and American Showcase Modulars for helping make a dream come true.  I talked to you once about the Archdale modular home, and Sarah and I visited a year later.  We are very blessed to purchase and moved in a year later.  You and Gary were a big help with everything.  A thank you goes to Donna also.  Thanks again and we tell everybody about how good American Showcase Modulars will help you.

Willie & Sarah O'neal



American Showcase Homes!!

Gary & Karen,

First of all let me say "Thank You Very Much" for your help and support with our first home. KUDOS!! to you guys.

We have been looking for a new home for about 3 years.  Seems like no one could accommodate what we were looking for.  That is until I got that email from Karen telling us to come up and take a look at what you had.  The first home we looked at right off the bat we knew it was the one for us.  We were willing to take that one right off the lot.  We needed a home with 5 bedrooms which included two master bedrooms and you made that happen for us without saying NO!!.

There was no guess work for you guys.  You gave us a rundown of what we were getting and the cost of everything right to the penny.  No hidden cost.  You guys were honest and kept the ball rolling from start to finish.  You got the work done.  That goes for Donna as well.  She went to the job site and made sure things happened there as well.  She got it done and did an amazing job.  The setup and coordination went off without a hitch.  We didn't have to do anything.  Having never built or owned a modular home before this was an interesting experience.  Gary in particular is a man of his word.  When it came to issues that arose with the property, Gary took care of it to the point of pulling money from his own pocket.  (Thanks for that!!!!!)

Thank you all for making our dream home a reality.  Five Stars to American Showcase.  Keep doing what you are doing no need to change anything.  You are changing lives and making many families happy!!


Stanley and Shelly Davis


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