My husband and I started our search for a modular home in 2016. We went to several places in North Carolina before we made our way north to American Showcase Modulars in Blairs, VA. When we arrived there, we were greeted by Tammy. She showed a genuine interest in what we were looking for and was very knowledgeable about the homes they have available. Even before we made the commitment to go with ASM, Tammy treated us as though we were already buying customers and gave us 100% of her time, which we feel is extremely rare in today's service industry. She even came in on her days off to accommodate our schedule.  This was a rather lengthy process for us, but at no time did Tammy ever make us feel as though we were wasting her time, nor did she lose interest.  I'm Happy to say that we are in the beginning stages of having a home built and that none of this would be happening without her attentiveness.  We highly recommend Tammy to anyone in search of a modular home.

John & Rebecca Bloom

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