We wanted to take the time to thank the staff at American Showcase Modulars for such a pleasant experience.  It all began with Tammy.  My husband had absolutely no intentions of purchasing a modular home.  His mind and heart was stuck on a stick built home.  I convinced him to visit American Showcase Modulars as well as other places.  He wasn't convinced at all until he met Tammy.  Her personality, knowledge, and other wonderful traits convinced him.  Let me just say that we weren't the easiest customers to work with.  We made several changes and upgrades to the home.  Throughout the entire process she was right there.  She never appeared worked up or upset about any of our request.  Tammy assured us that the home would be just as we wanted.  Tammy also encouraged us to take the time to make the decisions that we would be happy with in the future.  Tammy is an excellant sales person.  She treats her customers like family instead of a number.

Next off, Gary was wonderful to work with.  We experienced a few minor hiccups along the way which is to be expected.  We shared our concerns with Gary on various occasions.  Gary assured us that he would have the issues taken care of and he stuck to his word.  Gary was always pleasant to work with.  Every Staff member that spoke about Gary mentioned how important it was to Gary for his customers to be happy. Gary's motivation and dedication to his customers also proved that to be true.

We can't leave out Tommy and Conrad.  They were both excellant to work with.  When we first began the process we worked closely with Conrad.  Conrad was excellant.  He kept you up to date on everything that was going on.  It was exciting to know the day by day plans for the site.  It helped the time to pass by more quickly.  Tommy began working more closely with us about halfway through the process.  Tommy is excellant to work with also.  Tommy is a very hard worker.  Tommy spent a lot of time on site fixing things that others had completed.  Tommy's work ethic is not questionable at all.  We've witnessed Tommy working his butt off at 8 pm on a Friday nigh several times.  Tommy is very knowledgeable......

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