Hi Tammy, We love the house! We proudly show it to our friends and tell them how remarkably rapid and smooth the construction experience was.  We expected there might be some small issues to be dealth with and you and Gary both warned us about the possibility.  Well at this point I am pleased to tell you that the only issue I've had was that one door needed to be shimmed in its frame.  I mentioned it not to complain but to complement you all, this exceeded my expectations.

On a personal note, both of us appreciated dealing with you speecifically.  Your product knowledge was wonderful and helped quide us through the experience of selecting and detailing the house.  Claudia and I were pleased that you explained the "ups" and "possible downs" to us, we both have been through construction projects before and are pragmatic about the experience.  This has been a smooth experience with very few "downs".  I believe this was due to your product knowledge and continuing involvement in the project.

All in all Tammy, we are very positive about our home and construction experience.

Scott & Claudia Crandall

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