Tammy, I'm writing to tell you that it is with great displeasure that I won't be proceeding with the building of the home.  I have invested a lot of time to figure out what I wanted in a home.  In addition, I have been looking at other homes here at the lake in order to make sure that the outside design was the same as what I was planning to purchase from you.  There are many that look the same, however, when I bring them to the attention of those in charge, I'm told that I can't build a place of that style and that the homes that I'm looking at have been grand fathered in.  To me, they don't appear to be older homes.  My daughter and her husband and I purchased property in what is referred to as "multi-use" property.  We did this so that we didn't have to keep up with the Jones' and their $600,000 plus homes.  We're now finding that the same rules that apply in their area are applying to us.

I felt that you and I had finally gotten the house designed the way I wanted it, along with a price that I was satisfied with.  I had already contacted my children in Ohio about going to get my furniture that is in storage and they were planning to return with me in order to help get the house ready for me to move into.  I now plan, at a later date, to put my property on the market to sell and go elsewhere to live.

All of that being said, I would like for your company to keep the refunable $500.00 that I gave to you to get the process started.  I am putting it in writing so that there is no recourse from anybody at a later date.  Also, as I told you before, if for some reason the house didn't work out, I would buy dinner for you.  To show my appreciation for everything that you have done for me, I have enclosed a check for you so that you can take your family to dinner....my treat.  You and American Showcase Modulars have my greatest respect.  I wouldn't have any problems recommending you to anyone, which I will, should I hear of anybody in the market for a modular home.

Take care,

Donald Blankenship

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