I had looked at many different modular home plans and builders. Jen Marenyi at American Showcase Modulars was the only person who walked me through the selection process step by step.  Not only did I find the home that I liked, but I was also able to pick out all of the patterns for the floor, countertops, backsplash, siding, shutters and shingles all from samples that were in the office. I found this to be extremely helpful in making the right choices for a coordinated home. Without exception, friends and family all love the home I purchased from American Showcase Modulars.


Mary Apperson


Tammy Oldham our sales associate with American Showcase Modulars was very personable and extremely knowledgeable about the product. Tammy kept us informed of all aspects of the process and made it easy and painless, which can be a problem with some builders. Tammy was in contact with the factory and she was in contact with us, always available for questions and she had the answers. It is very rare to see someone who sells a product that they absolutely believe in, but that is what we experienced with Tammy and we really enjoyed the process very much.

Thank you, James & Gerri Vaden


When my husband and I began our search for a new home, we knew we wanted one that we could live in forever. This desire led us to American Showcase Modulars, where we were able to choose a floor plan that we knew would accommodate the family we wanted to start. I have known Tammy for a long time, so I knew I wanted her to help us. From the moment I contacted her, Tammy went above and beyond to assist us. From showing us all the models on the lot, to letting us see the floor plans of ones off the lot, to telling us exactly how the process goes, Tammy was on top of everything. She helped us choose a beautiful home, always let us know exactly what they needed to move forward, and kept us updated throughout the process. Not only did Tammy go above and beyond, gary and Tommy did as well. If we had any problems at all (which were very, very few), they were immediately there to help . Evan and I are extremely happy with our house and are so thankful to the entire team at American Showcase Modulars for turning our dream home into a reality.

Lauren  McCray


My wife and I went to every modular home showplace near Halifax County Va.  The last one was American Showcase Modulars and boy are we glad we did not give up and stopped by, we fell in love with one of the model homes.  Not only is Charles Jones one of the nicest people you could ever meet but has been great through the whole process.  American Showcase was the only one that actually told you the turn key price up front.  Gary Good is a man of his word and takes all the risk out of buying a home from them.  Conrad the General Contractor kept us updated on the progress and delays, even after the closing both Conrad and Charles followed up to make sure to address any issues we had "which were few and cosmetic".  I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a modular home and would not think twice about buying from them again.


Greg and Karen Crews                                                                                                                                                          


My husband and I are so glad we went to American Showcase when we finally decided it was time to get serious about buying a home and when we arrived we were greeted by Tammy and we are truly grateful we got to go through this process with her. She gave us her undivided attention and got things done and made this experience a lot more exciting. By the end of this process she felt like family. We are truly in love with our home it's so beautiful and we are so happy we chose American Showcase after visiting several other modular home sites as they did not compare to the quality and price of American Showcase Modulars. So we would like to say thank you to Tammy, Gary and Conrad! May God Bless you all!


Patrick & Shaylyn Lynskey


We would like to thank the wonderful work that Gary, Charles and Tommy did on helping us get into our new house.  To say that they went above and beyond with us would be an understatement.  It took a long time to sell our house in New York and then qualify for a mortgage in Virginia and they stuck to us like glue.  Once we got the approval to go then they really showed some action.  Once the house was in place there was no shortage of workers and helpers and we are totally pleased with the house.  There were a few cracks in the walls but Tommy had a crew come in and they repaired everything.  We are so very happy with our new home that we can't believe our good fortune in having it.

We would recommend American Showcase to anyone who isn't sure of what they want as Charles was able to work wonders for us.  And anyone who likes the homes can be quaranteed that Gary will do what he can to get them done.  If you like someone who tells it as it is, then Gary is your man.  Whatever he says is going to get done and done correctly.

Tommy is an excellent foreman who is always on top of what is happening at your property.  He may not be there everyday, but don't think he doesn't know what is going on.  He knows.  He worked with the crews to get things done quickly and correctly.

like I said earlier I would recommend this crew to anyone who wants a house that is beautiful, well made and built to last.  American Showcase is all of these things.

Fred & Anne Lohrfink



My husband and I started our search for a modular home in 2016. We went to several places in North Carolina before we made our way north to American Showcase Modulars in Blairs, VA. When we arrived there, we were greeted by Tammy. She showed a genuine interest in what we were looking for and was very knowledgeable about the homes they have available. Even before we made the commitment to go with ASM, Tammy treated us as though we were already buying customers and gave us 100% of her time, which we feel is extremely rare in today's service industry. She even came in on her days off to accommodate our schedule.  This was a rather lengthy process for us, but at no time did Tammy ever make us feel as though we were wasting her time, nor did she lose interest.  I'm Happy to say that we are in the beginning stages of having a home built and that none of this would be happening without her attentiveness.  We highly recommend Tammy to anyone in search of a modular home.

John & Rebecca Bloom


Tammy is a true one on one type of salesperson.  She's very personal and goes through everything with you! She has a get it done attitude and won't allow things to just sit on her desk she gets them done and taken care of! She will go above and beyond for you.


Meeting Tammy when we were in the process of looking for a new home was the best thing possible, she knew exactly what we were looking for and continued along with us until everything was completed.  And I do mean up until move in day.  She is very professional and has a great knowledge of the business at hand she stayed on top of things as if it was her own.  I am grateful to know someone like her, we consider her more than a salesperson, we consider her family.  Please take this to heart if its a home you're looking for, she is the go to person, we have recommended alot of friends and family to her and just waiting to see their outcome.


Dear Tammy:  I wanted to write to you to thank you for your help in picking out our first house.  This was a first time home buy for me and James and we felt so much at ease after we met you.

Your knowledge and experience with these homes really made a difference to us.  It's not every day when you are trying to pick out the best house for our needs and wants, not to mention the house we would live in for the rest of our lives.

I appreciated the fact that you held our hand all the way through the process.  I really liked the fact that I could call you anytime if I was unsure about what was going to happen next.  Also we were blown away that you gifted us with our kitchen floors and bathroom floors.  Thanks again for helping us with our dream home.  Your attention to detail really made the difference.

Thank you for helping us.  I liked that I gained a friend along the way too.  Thank you again.


The Davis Family

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